I got over myself…

Image I suffered from a little culture shock when I first moved to Ethiopia… kids are everywhere, and many of them are working for their family, even as very small children. One of the things I had to get over was seeing little kids, 3yr olds and 5yr olds, shepherding  these gigantic cows, or camels ,or herds of goats. (Ethiopia is the largest cattle  producer in Africa.) You couldn’t even see the kids but you’d see these itty bitty legs peeking out from the herd of cattle, and this long shepherds staff rising above the herds. I about had a heart attack when I saw this… I was afraid they’d be trampled by the herd. But these kids are very smart and very careful… you see in the country side they are the rich kids, b/c in the countryside owning cattle is a sign of wealth… I got over myself, but sometimes, when I see a little one standing alongside a huge cow, I just have to remember, that kid knows what he’s doing!!

As a person coming from America it is not our place to tell ET families how to raise their kids, especially not in this case… But we have the privilege of learning how another culture does things, who am I to say its right or wrong, its what they do and what works for them… so I got over myself!! Thank you Lord for saving me from being the ugly American, yet again!!


4 thoughts on “I got over myself…

  1. Hi!!! I am so glad you are writing a blog!!!I would love for our family to experience life in Ethiopia. I don’t want our girls to grow up spoiled and afraid to work hard. We live on a ranch now with goats and chickens. The girls do great but I can’t imagine them having that much responsibility so young. Thanks for sharing.. I’d love to hear more. (:

    1. The mission field is a great place for children, I feel. My daughter was with us for 2 years and she has wonderful memories of her time there, and you’re right its changed her perspective about a lot of things. She loves her life in the States, but would be the first to admit that we (Americans) tend to go overboard, 20 kinds of mustard, 30 kinds of cereal, and a gadget for any conceivable whim “seriously”(lol)!

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