The 5k in Buffalo was a wonderful success! The venue was spectacular, Chestnut Ridge Park is beautiful, and it was the perfect setting for the day. We had families, and grandma, grandpas young and old walking together… We even had a clown, Corn Dawg!

Our beach balls were of the world, and we even had clay pigeons… No, we weren’t shooting them (lol), it wasn’t that kind of 5K :). It was a great group of people gathered to support a great group of people and projects in Ethiopia!! Everyone was so happy to be there for such a great cause… David Besch, part of our 5k committee, shared very supportive words, that though most did not feel led to travel to Ethiopia they could still affect change in that great nation by supporting Fire Over Africa, a group he trusts and believes is truly called of God! Thank you David.

Loving Jesus compels us to bless others, especially those like the people of Ethiopia for whom the need is sooo great! If you would like to support Fire over Africa, please visit our website http://www.fireoverafrica.org.

See how happy our supporters are… This family made the 5K a family affair, the little pirate even walked the 5K, Argh!!


2 thoughts on “#fireoverafrica

  1. I think it’s so wonderful what you’re doing to raise money. Praying God’s blessing on you in all you do. Love the outfits! Joni

  2. Thanks Joanie, living there affords us a first hand view of how great the needs are. So we have to fundraise, but it can be fun and uplifting for everyone. We covet your prayers!

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