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Many people ask what a typical day is like for me, so as I share my day consider this a brief glimpse into the world of this missionary! Wake up around 7am, have my time with the Lord. I check my email, FB, and Instagram! This is how I stay in touch w my kids, they are faithful to post pics of themselves, my grand kids and my huge church fam and everything else! I love it!

So it’s now time for my morning run, I try to run 2 miles 4 or 5 times a week… Try to ūüė≥. We have a couple of guests staying with us now so I interact with them, lay out a little breakfast and leave for my run.

After breakfast I’m gathering clothes for the Ebenezer Children’s home…I go through my closets, every drawer and cabinet. I’ve been here 6 yrs… So I haven’t worn or seen many of these things in 6+ years. Hey, if I haven’t worn it for 6 years, it’s probably time to get rid of it. And I do, 2 large garbage bags full! I drop them off, and boy were they surprised, it was a lot of stuff!

It’s Ladies fellowship today, but instead of a Bible Study, we’re wrapping Christmas presents for 34 orphans, and since each one gets an outfit and a book or bundle of toys, we wrap close to 60 plus gifts! It’s a lot of fun, of course there’s popcorn, homemade chocolate chip cookie bars, and coffee (this is ET)!

3 hrs later, I’m headed back home, on the Bajaj, our 3-wheel-golf-cart-taxi-thing, and I have to finish my homemade gingerbread, and make my black eye peas; well it is New Years after all!

A friend of mine is doing a Beth Moore study and today it discussed the difference between hoarding and saving. Already been there, done that and bought the T-shirt? Lately, the Lord had been speaking to me about this so I’ve been giving all sorts of things away! I was blessed to have things to give to the orphanage, what an amazing way to share the love of Christ! There is a center I try to visit weekly, it’s an amazing place Mothers and Families with HIV. One of the programs objectives is to teach them handicrafts using local supplies that they can possibly use as a cottage industry which might bring them income. I’ve taught paper m√Ęch√©, another has taught tye dye, and there is a seamstress who loves sewing more than anyone I know! Mostly I just provide lunch once a week… They are very needy!

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is to visit the widows and the orphans…” James 1:27

There are many opportunities to minister and bless the amazing people of Ethiopia. Our organization Fire Over Africa aims to do just that, the Leadership training programs, the orphanages, the missionary out reaches, and all the other activities we give our time, energy and resources to have the goal of reaching Ethiopia with the gospel of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God!

My black eye peas were delicious, my corn bread amazing and My husband and I enjoyed a feast, thank you Lord!

That was a pretty good Jan 1, 2014!

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6 thoughts on “True Religion

  1. Hi Felecia.¬† Great post.¬† Thank you for sharing & I really like your conversational¬†writing style.¬† I am so looking forward to coming to Africa for a short mission trip…maybe for a week or two.¬†¬†¬†One of the Kenyan brothers¬†& his wife have been¬†encouraging me to go to Kenya or Uganda with a group from Shiloh Oakland.¬†I haven’t figured any of the logistics out yet, but it’s one of my goals for 2014.¬† ¬† What a blessing you and Pastor Munson are to the people of Ethiopia.¬† Take care & may God continue bless you. ¬† Joanne Griffin Peyton ¬†

  2. Felicia, love the way you have when you write, of bringing those reading into feeling like we are living through the day with you! Keep it up it’s a real blessing, Joni

    1. Thanks Joni, not everyone will be able to visit, but I want them to be able to imagine being here. That’s what I want… to paint such an accurate pic that they feel as tho they’ve been here!

  3. Felicia,

    thank you for sharing your life. you are a good writer ūüôā I enjoy reading what you write… It encourages to read what you share and it inspires me… Pray for us as we move forward to use our land for the Lord a Ministry and/or Businesstry (I know I made up that word)… what i want it to be is sustainable, community development, and create jobs. We have lots of resources on our land and they can help bring in the income we need to 1st sustain this land, then give outside of us to our community and other np orgs ergo: “Fire Over Africa”

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