Hello 2015!

my camera 132This is a new year 2015, and I am believing for many better things. 2014 was a doozie, it started off very badly, with the loss of my husband’s father, and its end was terrible, pretty epic! Oh, 2015 could not have come fast enough.

So how do we deal with trauma? Of course for physical trauma you see a doctor, and for some emotional and psychological trauma you seek professional help. Then there is the everyday garden variety betrayal, or ambush, or backstabbing… These are very common occurrences! Oftentimes the betrayal is innocent or unintentional, then other times it is deliberate and strategic! Ouch!

Well, this what God says about it “in everything give thanks”! Yes, that’s what God calls us to do! And He calls us to forgive! “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us,” yes, something else the Lord requires of us!

I’ve written about forgiveness before, it is a common theme in human circles, a product of the human condition. And God requires it if we are to move forward and be healthy! It is also true that He will help us, and is long suffering when we must make the decision again and again to forgive when we are hurt. Forgiveness is a choice, choose to forgive, it will bring His peace like a river and His joy like an ocean!


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