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Unto the least of these

I bought my granddaughter a sparkly pair of Hello Kitty shoes, they were so cute! Sadly, they did not fit, so I just tossed them into my suitcase to take to ET, they were very cute and needed to be given to someone special. My friend Rachel, who operates an orphanage in the town where I live had a special someone in mind, Lantu. So I tuck them away and plan on giving them to her for her Bday! This same Lantu who, when playing make-believe-family, and everyone has called “dad” of “mom” or “sister” or brother” yells “I’m going to be Felecia, ‘come on guys'” in a perfect American accent, is the special someone Rachel has in mind. But God in His infinite wisdom took sweet Lantu home with Him that summer. She was born in an ET village with congenital heart disease, and was too old (she was 9 when she went to her Heavenly Father) by the time she was placed in Ebenezer Grace Children’s Home to be sent to the US for surgery. Surgery that, had she been born in the west, would have been easy to secure! She was an absolute blessing to everyone she met.

Months later a friend shows up at my door soaking wet, and she has two precious children w her. The boy has a hoodie, which is soaking wet but the little girl has on a t shirt and summer skirt… Oh Lord, they are going to catch “the pneumonia” as they would say in the country! It’s very early, around 8am, you have to know my friend, Sister Donna… Anyway! I make 2 heaping bowls of oatmeal, add raisins and my precious brown sugar. (It’s precious because it’s C&H and comes from America), and pray this will warm them up. They are soaked to the skin, and my friend asks if I have a change of clothes for them. The boy, a skinny teenager and the little girl aren’t the size of my kids so no, I don’t have anything. But this is ET and a little can go a long way. I find a hat for him and wrap a scarf around her and ask myself, is there anything else? And the Lord reminds me of the Hello Kitty shoes, Lord could I find them? Could they fit her?

Of course, they were a perfect fit!

Pictured above is a pair of shoes my 5 yr old granddaughter gave me “to give to the orphans”. I wonder what the Lord has in mind?

When you’ve ministered to the least of these, you’ve ministered to me. Jesus

I am so blessed to be here!